LG, Samsung promise Android mobiles

If you’re still excited about getting your hands on a real live Android-sporting handset, LG and Samsung could be your best bets, with The Korea Times and others quoting spokespeople from both manufacturers confirming the imminent arrival of the Google operating system.

According to an assortment of reports, it looks like 2009 could be the likely date for both phone makers’ Android debut, while the Korea Times suggests Sprint Nextel could be Samsung’s partner of choice at launch, with LG skipping down the aisle with T-Mobile.

So who’s going to be next to go Android? Google’s Open Handset Alliance lists HTC, LG, Samsung and Motorola as members and I think it’s a safe bet to expect Android mobiles from all four. My gut feeling is that Sony Ericsson and Nokia are unlikely to go down the Google route, but if the former’s Windows Mobile announcement and the latter’s deal with Google are anything to do by, it’s not an impossibility.

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Robert Cringely reckons that Samsung are working to produce two models and they’ll be badged as Google’s gPhone despite all the denials.

“There are two gPhones slated for release with the first coming in September and the second probably not appearing until after Christmas. Given that the first is the high-end model and the second is cheaper, Google will probably expect to make as much money as possible on the higher-margin units at Christmas before revealing the budget model even exists. How Apple-like, eh?

“Both will include WiFi, which makes me wonder if a VoIP client will be there, too. The high-end phone will look somewhat like a Blackberry Pearl, but the screen flips up and there is a keyboard for texting. No word on pricing for the high-end phone, but the second model is intended to be less than $100 — AFTER Christmas.”

Here’s hoping!

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