Moving mobile content via social networks – question

Here’s a question posted by Stefano:

Moving Mobile Content via Social Networks at ‘Stefano Sessa”

I have been tasked to conceptualize an application to move specific content via social platforms. This would obviously be moved at a premium to the end-user.

I’m pulling a fast-one and trying to get some ideas from my 3 loyal readers.

How would you guys go about moving mobile content between online social groups (think music, think competitions based on bands etc etc). I am not going to elaborate on what I thought of doing thus far, as it is irrelevant in this experiment. I do not want to place any kind of thought pattern which would hinder your natural thought processes.

So, the nexus behind the app should be to move content (potentially large volumes) between users, based on niche content they support.


My first thought is to keep the content in one location and obviously move links around, rather than the actual content.

ShoZu is a world expert in moving content from handset to the internet. They’d probably be my first port of call.

What do you reckon?

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