On this day…

As some of you may have noticed, at the bottom of each post there are some “On this day…” links reminiscing about what has happened in years past.

We here at SMS Text News like a bit of nostalgia, so each day we’re going to post a brief summary of what happened.

On this day in 2007…

Mobile Porn isn’t quite on par with Ringtones yet

Ringtones and music will always take a bigger slice of the mobile content market than games or erotica, according to an adult content aggregator.
Blake Fayling of Brick House Mobile said the introduction of age verification systems had made it easier to sell what the industry calls ‘erotica” or adult content – and you’d call mobile porn – in Europe.

Alex caught this one and, no doubt, like me, thought… hmmm… ringtones BIGGER than porn? Well, with the age ‘thing’, yes, I can understand that viewpoint.

And it was Valentine’s Day, obviously 🙂

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