Nokia’s Vertu marks 10th birthday with leather

If the N96 is a bit on the cheap side for you, Nokia has come up with a line of phones designed to part high rollers from their money. The latest Vertu devices, built to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the high-end Nokia line, can be yours for the princely sum of several thousand dollars.

The so-called Monogram Constellation comes in five colours – Pewter, Green, Red, Skye Blue or Cerise – with a leather finish, imprinted with the Vertu ‘V’ logo. If you fancy snapping one up, they’re out on April 1st. Alas, there’s no word on the specs of the devices, but if Vertu history is any guide, then don’t expect it to be sporting any cutting-edge features: the Vertu is all about looks, not brains.

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