O2 dusts down Bluebook back-up service for reappearance

O2 is going on a promotions offensive for its back-up service, Bluebook. Bluebook stores users phone numbers, messages and cameraphone snaps remotely, so in the event a customer loses their phone, all the content goodness inside the device isn’t lost forever.

While the free service isn’t exactly new, O2 has decided to bring it to the attention of consumers with a £4.5 million advertising campaign. This sort of service, I’d imagine, will be gold for anyone who’s found themselves on the wrong side of a pickpocket, a boozy night out or a clumsy phase.

Presumably if a user switches to a rival operator, their content is no longer accessible though. It’s a great way for O2 to convince customers not to churn, but I wonder if some sort of cross-operator storage might be a bit more handy?

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