Won’t somebody PLEASE think about the young people

Issah, our intrepid 15-year old reporter, has a wicked piece coming about how mobile phone shops treat their young customers. Nothing short of ridiculous.

However today I’m on the hunt for ideas for what we could get Issah to test out. Phones, products, services – what do you think needs a 15 year old’s perspective?

I’m going to give him a JCB ToughPhone and see if he and his friends at school can break it (in, er, as safe a manner as possible, maybe in a science or woodwork style lesson). I’m going to give him an iPhone and see what the youngsters make of it (particularly after the rather stimulating piece he brought us about how UK teenagers reacted to the iPhone launch.)

I’m thinking of talking to 3UK and seeing if they’d drop Issah over a few new handsets to have a play with and see how the teens react to them. Or Vodafone (whilst their forum intervention team is shit hot, I don’t think their consumer PR would be that interested.)

Any ideas? Let me know.

By Ewan

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I was going to the video idea with a few N95s James. Anyone have anymore ideas they or questions they’d really like to see posed to the youth of London?

There’s a limited amount of uses for a Nokia 1600 phone — a ‘calling and texting phone’ as Issah’s friends describe it.

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