Bluetooth treasure hunt question: Your help needed

I got this email in from an avid SMS Text News reader today. Have a read. Any ideas? I’m scratching my head with this one.

Hi Ewan,

We’re trying to organise a team challenge for our colleagues here. We’re going to do some kind of treasure hunt with a mobile twist – GPS, MMS, barcodes etc. I was wondering if we could include bluetooth somehow. What I want to acheive is to send a clue of some sort – text, whatever – to people within proximity of a certain location, much like you got that ad from the marylebone tup the other month.

I’ve found ways to do this from dedicated devices or laptops, which is fine. But surely there’s some way, like an application, of doing this from a handset? Ideally, a cheap way? Without having to manually pair with everyone?


I immediately thought of the bluetooth service providers I know of (e.g. Bluepod) — they could certainly do this but I’m willing to bet their equipment might be a bit too expensive for an office treasure hunt budget.

Any thoughts?

By Ewan

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Happy to help.

If Ewan contacts our Operations Director, Jon Fletcher, we will arrange for a unit to be delivered to his office, pre-loaded with the message he wants to send out. We will lend him one FoC on this occassion for a couple of days. To buy one may well be a little expensive as you suggest for this exercise. All he then needs to do is plug it in and the unit will reach all devices within a range of up to 100m and be able to deliver content to handsets up to a range of 30 – 35m.

Jon’s contact details can be found on our web-site.


John Scorah
Managing Director
Bluepod (UK) Ltd

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