Help me out re: Disqus

For a few days now, we’ve had the Disqus comment/forum system active on SMS Text News and I’d really like your viewpoint on it.

Do you think we should keep it?

At first I felt it was a slightly disjointed experience however, I’ve been mostly using Disqus via email and I’m particularly LOVING the ability to reply to each mail that comes in. My reply is then wrapped to the thread automatically — I think this is very smart and I’ve been enjoying engaging in conversations with readers a lot more than having to revisit the page to post my opinion.

So I’m *quite* linking Disqus. But I’m highly sensitive to your thoughts. Could you tell me what you think?

By Ewan

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Personally I am liking it a lot, however one option that i feel is *missing* is the ability to get email updates if someone does not directly reply to my post! Maybe a feature you could suggest to them, however the clear advantage is able to post in real time if you are a registered user!

I was a bit taken aback when I first saw it, but it doesn't seem to make the commenting process any more unwieldy. Ask us again when we've had a bit longer with it to see if any niggles come out in the wash… Otherwise, so far, so good I'd say.

Okay, now I'm posting again cos I just registered with Disqus and want to see what the difference is…

OOh – edit – because now having registered my second post has appeared before my first (unregistered) one has yet to be approved. Sorry for using your site to play around on Ewan! But I suppose you asked for it!!!

I like it. I use the mobile version of the site most often, so it would be nice to have a mobile friendly comments form.

Loving the threading and the easy links to people's profiles.

The emails aren't encoded properly and some of my mail clients show HTML codes rather than characters.

Other than that – all good.

Big problem for me is that the RSS feed for comments has stopped working. Is there a new url for them? If not, then it seriously messes up use of the site.

The new RSS feeds provide a different service. The old feeds for both news and comments provided the full text and pictures for each item, on both mobile and PC versions. The new feeds are text only, and stop after the first few lines, with the need to connect to the web page to get the full item.
This requires a lot more effort to read the items, and stops me from reading offline on my mobile.
Not good, not good at all.

If you mean a combined feed for news and comments, no there wasn't a combined one, but there was a full feed for each.
The feedburner urls you list stopped updating. The news one has resumed today, the comments one is still not getting any thing new.

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