Mobile scrobbling of your Get Mobbler!

Whatleydude is thoroughly enjoying using Mobblerrecently blogged by Dotsix over at Symbian Guru:

Michael Coffey has just posted a beta of Mobbler, an S603rd Edition client that will scrobble your played music to your account. The beta now has a very easy and simple interface where you only enter your username and password, then connect, and leave it running in the background. You can then launch your music player and let Mobbler do all the job. I have it now running on my N95-1 and it seems to function well.

Although I’m a subscriber and big fan of the concept of mobile scrobbling — and, by extension, Mobbler, I think you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming through the streets naked before I would use a Symbian Series 60 device to listen to music.

Great concept!

By Ewan

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3 replies on “Mobile scrobbling of your Get Mobbler!”

lol! And what device would you rather listen to music on? My n95 works great, whether i want loud stereo speakers, stereo bluetooth, or just any old 3.5mm jack. Do you not like the music player ui?

@ricky I can’t stand the UI. I don’t like the UI arsing around waiting — and, also, most of my music is iTunesified so it won’t play. (The last bit’s not necessarily an S60 issue).

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