My lost Blackberry: o2 don’t know it’s IMEI

I got my Blackberry from o2 a while ago. October or November last year, I think.

All was good until I lost the phone yesterday in a taxi.

I used the o2 form — smart idea — to register that I’d lost it since customer services was, obviously, closed at 4am in the morning.

I got an email back promptly from Yogesh, at o2. He’s asked me for the IMEI number of the device so they can place a restriction on the device.

I don’t have the IMEI. I don’t bother with that. It’s an o2 device — they gave it to me — they know the IMEI, right?

No. They don’t know it, maintains Yogesh.

So I don’t know the IMEI. Neither to they. Ergo they can’t lock it. Very strange.

Has anyone else experienced this? Vodafone didn’t have this sort of problem last week.

By Ewan

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??? It’s the account that needs to be barred – nothing to do with the handset’s IMEI! Sure, O2 could add it to the database of lost handsets to be nice / prevent against future use on any network that uses that list (memory fails me for links) but delaying that process shouldn’t leave you exposed to fraudulent use of your SIM…

Very odd. So, should we all be recording our IMEIs in our password managers now – just in case??? Try telling that to a normob!!!

With at&t at least, everytime you make a phone call, both the IMEI and the number is registered on their network. That’s how I found the IMEI of a phone I lost a few years ago.

If you want to know the IMIE of your phone, whilst it is still in your possession the code used is *#06# and up it pops!! Any use?
Mark – Awareness Techn. (So many Marks’ on here!!)

You should look into trackitback, they would have helped you get your phone back. The only problem is your phone had to be registered with them before you lost it. Definitely a good investment, saved me tons of money by returning my laptop to me for free.

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