Nokia hints at more Linux

Nokia has come out as mobile Linux’s latest cheerleader (granted, it’s not unsurprisingly after it Reuters that it expects Linux tablets to make more of a splash in the future.

On the subject of its Linux tablet range, Nokia spokesman Kari Tuutti told Reuters: “We will expand that range, and we believe that the role of Linux will grow.” Reuters also quotes Nokia CFO as saying the Linux tablets are “going to be terribly important” in the future.

While it’s not a sign that Nokia is thinking of moving away from its Symbian heritage, it’s good to see the company promising more in the way of Linux and diversifying operating systems. But with the likes of Vodafone and Verizon championing open source software through the likes of the LiMo Foundation, I’d be seriously surprised if the handset maker hadn’t at least considered making mobile phones (rather than tablets) that run Linux.

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