Rmbrme goes live – I’ve got 1 friend!

Just got a welcome email from Gabe, founder of Rmbrme. I’ve signed up. I like the concept — but it’s American, so I can’t *actually* use it yet here in the UK. Do check it out!

rmbrME is ‘Social Networking for Real Life’ – it lets you send a digital “business card” using SMS from your mobile phone that links directly to all your chosen (yes, including adult) social networking sites. It’s extremely powerful, basically free, and totally green. It works with all phones, carriers, social networks and without downloads or subscriptions.

It’s a much slicker way to meet someone, and will certainly leave a lasting impression. It’s also way better than handing out your card at a bar, texting someone whose name you don’t know, or making a full address book entry in real time on a dance floor.

When you’re logged in, I think you might be able to add me by viewing my profile

By Ewan

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