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We’ve talked a lot about the next gen iPhone coming here on SMS Text News. There are those who think it may be the second coming and those who could really care less. There was even a lengthy discussion on last week’s Podcast, but with the new phone expected to unveil a week from today, chatter is at some of it’s highest.

This article from the Times Online discusses some of the original phones flaws and hope for the next. Not bad reading.

It seems as if it was only yesterday that Apple unveiled its revolutionary iPhone, yet the company is already gearing up for the launch of its successor.

As with the original, the new phone will boast many of the features that have helped make Apple one of the most desirable brands in the world. It will also have some new features, including 3G technology to speed up internet access, and applications that could herald a brave new world of mobile communications.

…There is industry speculation that the 3G iPhone will be priced at £200 at least – plus the cost of an annual contract. There’s also talk that Apple will use that large touchscreen for more than just stroking and poking – the company recently filed a patent for integrating solar panels into its handheld gadgets. Instead of using a separate, fold-out panel, Apple’s plan is to put solar cells behind the LCD screen, so the more you flash your iPhone around, the more power it could generate.

Another Apple patent involves using location-based information to create personalised and localised shopping pages on your iPhone. If you’re walking past a cinema, for example, you might see a trailer of the latest movie, and even be able to order popcorn for delivery right to your seat.

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