LG now more popular than Sony Ericsson

The folks over at LG must be popping a few champagne corks right now – according to analysts Gartner, LG phones are now more popular than their Sony Ericsson counterparts: in the analysts’ latest set of quarterly figures, LG has jumped ahead of Sony Ericsson for the first time to take the number four slot in the handset maker top five.

Gartner reckons LG now has eight percent of the market, thanks to a touchscreen-rich portfolio that picked up some reflected glory from the iPhone launch, while Sony Ericsson had a couple of gaps in its high and mid tier range that saw it struggle a bit in the last quarter.

Motorola meanwhile continues to slip and is now just two percent ahead LG and 2.5 percent ahead of Sony Ericsson. Given Motorola’s range is still desperately uninspiring at the moment, I wouldn’t bet against LG, Sony Ericsson or both overtaking its sales wise before too long.

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