What international calling service do you use?

I’m wondering what the options are. I’ve got some calls I need to make whilst I’m out here in the middle of nowhere in the Maldives. There’s a brilliant mobile network here, Dhi Mobile, I think it is, that covers 100% of all resorts. Nice.

However that’s a good few quid a minute at least on my standard network choices — Vodafone, o2 and T-Mobile.

My first look-up was Jajah… but they don’t seem to have support for the Maldives.

I’m going to take a look at RebTel. Trouble is, since I’m roaming, there is going to be a cost for using the phone whether I’m calling or receiving. And I don’t have a localised sim for the Maldives. Yet.

The other option I’m considering: Truphone. Ah hah. Yes. There’s free wifi here… Oh… and Skype, too.

Do you have any suggestions on a service I could use from the hotel’s landline to make calls back to the UK?

By Ewan

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Hey there,

Hey there,

I'm Alex and I work at Rebtel.

Very interesting post indeed 😉

My suggestion is to log on to your Rebtel account (surprise surprise), add the hotels landline as one of your primary numbers (you can have 5 in total, landlines or mobile numbers) and then make a call to your friend, wife, mother or who ever it might be 🙂

Best regardsm


Hi Ewan,

Thanks for considering JAJAH, same here, it's not in our country dropdown yet but I just sent an email to the guy who takes care of our international carrier relations/termination partners, maybe we can add the Maldives to our service in time 🙂

Do you have a MAXroam SIM from our buddy Pat yet? Maldives roaming is possible but actually not that cheap,

Did you say land line? Are you kidding??? I suggest Truphone. You already have an account and probably a few Pounds on it. You can make your calls and you will have a UK number for people to call you back on if you want. Don't forget you also have free incoming calls if you want to do a call back service to Truphone.

Enjoy your holiday,

I use Truphone all the time. Reliable voice signal and always cheap although not always the cheapest. Don't use Jahjah as they lie about their rates (don't worry I have proof so they can complain all they want) and some questionable UI design that opens the door further to costly errors by the user.

If you use Truphone they won't always the be the cheapest but they are reliable and reliably cheap too.

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