Get me a flight to New York, stat!

I’ve just spent an hour or so pointing a camera in the face of a very patient and highly animated Mark Tynan, founder of mobile travel geniuses, ShopQwik. With their service, you can book a flight or a hotel, anywhere in the world, in 60 seconds, from your handset.

I was interviewing Mark for the DeviceAnywhere Developer Roadshow we’re doing here at SMS Text News. I tell you, it’s just brilliant. Brilliant. I’m thoroughly enjoying being able to show DeviceAnywhere to top quality developer/entrepreneurs like Mark.

I sat him down and flipped open the DeviceAnywhere Studio (check out the walk-through) and brought up a few devices.

“Awww, look at that!” he said, as I opened up a few handsets, “It’s like having the handset there in your hand!”

Mark went on to explain that he’s spent about 20,000 pounds or more on handsets over the last three years (including contracts). With burgeoning demand for ShopQwik on a whole load of different platforms, testing is a key issue for him — he reckons he’ll be able to get some excellent benefits from using DeviceAnywhere, although I’ll leave the specifics ’til the video.

We’ll have it cut and online next week.

Meantime I’m off now to catch my flight to Dublin for Unlimited Drinks tonight!

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