HP laptops on 3 arriving this month

Very shortly, you’ll be able to pop into a 3 store and get a free laptop.

You’ll need to sign up to a 24 month contract. But you can walk out with a free laptop. And what’s more, it’ll be a decent one.

They’ve really gone to town, 3.

You can choose from a decent HP 530 laptop and get 5GB of data per month, a USB dongle, along with 150 texts for just £30 a month. No upfront cost. That’s 720 quid over the life of the contract but I tell you, it’s going to be a godsend for anyone who wants a laptop and (mobile) internet connectivity now.

If you work on the basis that you’d be paying a tenner a month for mobile broadband anyway (if you just got a dongle), you only actually end up paying 480 quid for a decent HP laptop. Brilliant.

But if you fancy treating yourself, how about a HP 2133 mini-note ultralight? This is a piece of genius. 1.27kg, 8.9 inch screen. 5GB of data, a USB dongle, 200 texts… yours for £35 a month. No up front cost.

Or, head for the beast. A shit hot HPdv6910 — powerful and good looking. Just £40 a month with 5Gb of data, USB dongle and 250 texts. There is a £49.99 supplementary cost.. but geez, what a deal!

If you’re feeling like a new machine. Or if you’d like a secondary one… now is the time.

Especially if you haven’t treated yourself to a USB mobile broadband dongle. Don’t buy it on it’s own. Get a laptop too 😉

You’ll be able to pick one up from a 3store in the coming weeks.

Here’s the hands on:

PS: Don’t wear a hoodie.

By Ewan

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