Samsung’s 8mp, 16gig camera phone

Samsung, it would seem, is about to join Sony and produce an 8mp camera phone. News is abound on every site from Pocket Lint to i4u. And I for one cannot wait to get my hands on the device.

If Samsung has designed it well and kept the optical zoom function then the phone picture should actually be quite good. If not then the focus will be off and you’ll only be able to get pictures that, whilst having exceptional resolution, will in actual fact do nothing more than sit in the phone’s memory and only get displayed on a screen that is only capable of displaying 76800pixels (320×240).

The leaked pictures, show it has auto focus and a Xenon flash but it doesn’t look like an optical zoom is included. Shame.

LG and Motorola are also thought to be producing 8mp camera phones.

Because it’s only the pictures that have been leaked very little further information is known. The DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) logo is present so it should have great connectivity The GPS and DivX logos also suggest that this could be an exceptional phone to have.

The Register also suggests:

The phone will support HSDPA 3G connections and Wi-Fi, whilst offering users the option of either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage. The report also claims the phone has an integrated 3D chip to ensure smooth support for 3D games.

Samsung’s i8510 is thought to measure roughly 106 x 53 x 16mm and come in a metal casing. Because the phone hasn’t been officially announced yet, a UK release date or price is still unknown.

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