100x Skyfire S60 beta invites – any takers?

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If you’d like to try the S60 version of the game-changing browser, Skyfire, then read on.

We’ve got 100 invites to beta test the browser. Interested? It’s *definitely* worth a look. Head over to this address and enter the code SMSTN when prompted.

In case you’re in need of a prompt:

Skyfire Labs, makers of the popular Skyfire mobile browser which allows users to access the full PC web from their mobile handsets, announced today a private beta of the Skyfire browser for the S60 platform.

With full Flash support as well as Ajax and all other Web 2.0 standards, the Skyfire browser delivers a full desktop experience of the Internet to your mobile phone, at blazing fast speeds. The secret to Skyfire is in the clouds. Using proprietary technology, Skyfire’s servers do all the heavy lifting, and send the full web impression to your phone in the blink of an eye. Because the majority of the processing is done on Skyfire’s end, the end user experiences less wait time, less power consumption and less data crunching on their handset.

Of all the mobile browsers on the market today, Skyfire is the only one to support all Web 2.0 standards, including full support for Flash. Because of this unparalleled support, Skyfire users can watch their favorite YouTube or Hulu.com videos, or check Google Maps without having to launch a separate application, like on the iPhone.

And get ready to experience this:

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