The industry is teaming with leaked images for iPhones. Naturally the Nokia iPhone, uh, sorry, Tube, was placed into the amazing Dark Knight batman movie. And now Motorola has leaked images of its iPhone. Honestly, you’d think this cloak and dagger stuff was easy.

The web is now teaming with countless images of the Motorola Atila, pictured above.

According to Tech Radar, the phone name, which comes after Alexander codename shows “Moto is all about conquerors at the moment.” It does at least suggest a Napoleon complex.

It does look a touch like the stunning and iconic Apple design, especially as Moto has shunned the qwerty keyboard. With a 2.8 inch QVGA screen, it is a tiny bit small, however. But maybe the company isn’t trying to compensate or just prefers smaller objects in its trousers?

There’s no release date as yet, but I’m assuming it won’t take long. If it does the boat may have been missed and Moto may stay struggling until the 4G revolution hits in a few years time.