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I’ve been through a whole array of different podcasting systems. It’s been quite annoying. I was hoping to find a system that we could easily adopt and bish, bash, bosh, that would be it. A 10 minute job and a bit of customisation.

No such luck.

We’ve got three feeds for you, you see. The main audio podcast, the video feed and then the 3gp feed featuring a mobile-encoded version.

There were plenty of systems that would do one feed. But not three. Or if they’d do multiple feeds, they wouldn’t actually work when I installed them.

The requirement for multiple streams has forced us to move from our existing provider. That and the fact we’re being charged through the nose for bandwidth … and, actually, it’s not that fast.

So we’re now fully hosting everything on Mosso. I really like the fact that we’re serving you Mobile Industry Review from a multidimensional array cloud computing repository. Or something like that.

So here we go, if you’re a regular podcast listener/viewer, please do update using the new feeds below:

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

5 replies on “Our new podcast feed URLs”

Self hosting it seems like a good idea. I can't myself, because Bluehost won't let me upload bigish files through php. I've run into these same issues with my video podcast/website, Nokia Daily News at

What I'm doing currently (subject to change) is to film on the N95, then render three files, one at 640×480, one at 320 x 240, and one as 3gp. Then I upload the Big one to Vimeo which gets embedded in my blog posting. Then I upload the medium sized file to, which provides an iTunes and Nokia Podcasting compatible rss podcast feed.

I'm intending to steal your idea for linking to the 3gp file for users accessing my blog with their mobile device. I need to figure out how to get the files onto my web host.

I've been wondering if the “heavy-lifting” of converting the files and creating the different RSS feeds couldn't be automated with server scripting. If I figure it out, I'll let ya know how.

Keep up the good work, you guys. I'm watching your show to steal all the good ideas! If you want to see a boring, non-competing vlog, check out the Nokia Daily News at . It's always sunny in California.

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