Our new podcast feed URLs

I’ve been through a whole array of different podcasting systems. It’s been quite annoying. I was hoping to find a system that we could easily adopt and bish, bash, bosh, that would be it. A 10 minute job and a bit of customisation.

No such luck.

We’ve got three feeds for you, you see. The main audio podcast, the video feed and then the 3gp feed featuring a mobile-encoded version.

There were plenty of systems that would do one feed. But not three. Or if they’d do multiple feeds, they wouldn’t actually work when I installed them.

The requirement for multiple streams has forced us to move from our existing provider. That and the fact we’re being charged through the nose for bandwidth … and, actually, it’s not that fast.

So we’re now fully hosting everything on Mosso. I really like the fact that we’re serving you Mobile Industry Review from a multidimensional array cloud computing repository. Or something like that.

So here we go, if you’re a regular podcast listener/viewer, please do update using the new feeds below:

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