Samsung smartphones get faster memory

Samsung smartphones have been given a bit of a speed boost thanks to a new bit of software the handset giant’s developed. The software will make any handsets using its own proprietary embedded flash memories, OneNAND, Flex-OneNAND and moviNAND, complete the sort of multimedia-heavy actions devices do regularly – like booting, downloading and searching – faster than before.

Samsung’s making this software available for all the main mobile operating systems – Windows Mobile, Symbian, Linux – and it also works on other consumer gear that uses the same memory, like digital cameras and TVs.

If you thought Samsung was being generous and just giving us faster memory from the good of their hearts, think again – the company’s press release says that it should make it easier for electronics manufacturers to design in the new software to their products and so help Samsung memory make its way into more handsets and other gadgets. Cunning.

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