The iPhone arrives tomorrow: I don’t like it already.

I’m not sure if you’re already aware, but Ewan has sent me a first generation iPhone for me to have a play around with. But also, I’m not too hung up on the device either!

I’ve mentioned this before (and no, I’m not complaining), but the iPhone really isn’t my cup of tea. I’m not that bothered about what people think of my mobile phone; I mean I was walking around with a Nokia 3200 until September last year. In fact, if my Nokia 3310 wasn’t dead, I would happily use that, with no care about its age or looks.

The iPhone to me, just screams “look at me, I’m expensive, and glamorous; come and feel my touch screen! You know you want too.” – And to put it bluntly, this isn’t me. My mobile has to be practical, and it has to do what a mobile should do, to a good standard, and importantly at a good price.

Okay, the iPhone may work well (I can’t yet vouch for that yet), but is it worth what you have to pay? And yes, I’m aware you can get iPhones for “free” on contracts; but does paying £75 for a contract sound like free to you? Or maybe more importantly, is it practical for a sixteen year old?

In simple terms that is a straight-forward no!

Then there is the fact it’s trying to be an MP3 player. I, unlike many people, do not like iPods. I once did, but after hearing the sound quality, and even having to endure using iTunes on my computer, I quickly realised what a horror it was. There is also the fact; I like to have separate devices for my MP3 Player and mobile.

I want my MP3 player to sound amazing, and my experience of listening to music on mobile phones, is horrible. I love my music, don’t get me wrong, but when I listen to it, I want it to sound good, not half-arsed, and distorted. iPods, as far as I have heard (and I’ve had the horrible pleasure of using and listening to quite a few), sound horrific. So surely it can’t sound much better as a mobile device either?

Then there are the applications. My mobile phone is used for texting, making calls, and for the radio when I’m out and about. I rarely use the internet due to the cost, and because Mobile sites drive me insane; and I don’t require much else. I like to have a camera in case I don’t have my Digital Camera on me, but that’s it really.

At tops my mobile phone requires a camera, a phone book, the ability to send and receive texts, calendar, FM Radio, Alarm and a torch.

Basically, I’m a normob at its best!

Maybe you can see why I don’t like the iPhone. It’s not because it’s crap (it may not be), but it’s because the iPhone isn’t a phone I require in my life. It draws too much attention to itself, and doesn’t suit my general purpose or needs. I don’t like phones which are designed purely to make other people, and their mobiles feel bad. Remember those cute Carphone adverts with the lonely phone? Well, I see the iPhone as the creator of that phone; it’s too brash and it tries to put other mobiles to shame.

Should I mention too, that I think it’s too big, the camera is wrongly positioned, and I don’t like touch-screens too?

However, despite this ramble which may just sound like a moan and it isn’t, I’m more than willing to admit that I’m wrong. I may be stubborn, but I will admit when I’m wrong. I want to see if the iPhone can win me over! Can I even be persuaded to buy myself one? Or, is it going to make me realise I was right, and in fact there are a collection of other annoyances about the device too?

Well, we’ll see in a couple of weeks, and see if I was wrong after all!

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