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Use your iPhone for home security.

I was just browsing around the internet looking for something to do with the iPhone. I’ll admit, for the most part I wasn’t impressed until I came across Mobiscope.

I’m not a security conscious person, and nor am I one to want to set up a webcam with it’s own I.P address so I can follow it wherever I may be; however for those of you out there who like this ability to remotely spy, Mobiscope might just be the thing for you!

For a one time fee of $29.50 (roughly £15), you can have complete unlimited access to the service. With this you get “motion detection alerts over email” and you can “Start recording when motion is detected”.

Although not an interested customer myself, I see the potential for this. For example, spying on Babysitters, or Nannies, or whomever you may entrust children with; this could be an ideal device if you’re particularly worried. Or how about you want to ensure your employees are working hard? Well, check up on the webcam stream on your iPhone of course!

Or maybe, you’re on Holiday? (Let’s forget about roaming fees here), but you can spy on your house to ensure no one has stolen all of your lovely possessions. Although, I fear that idea may be slightly flawed, as a thief may probably head straight for your computer thus ending your connection.

But even if you don’t want to “spy” as I have named it, you could always make use of the hundreds (if not more) security webcam streams on the internet, or even the “picturesque” webcams. There are plenty of open links out there that you can sit and watch for hours.

I’ve been testing the “Trial” version of this, and I’m quite impressed with the speed, and picture quality. Admittedly, I haven’t actually been able to use it on the iPhone as of yet, but if it’s anything like what I am able to see now, then it’s pretty amazing.  When I can, I’ll get it working, and see if I can hook up my own links, and see how good it really is!

So is this a new era of security? I don’t want to make any predictions here, but the way cameras and computers have decreased or let’s say “blemished” our trust levels, I think this may be so. As much as I think this is definitely a cool application, that has plenty of potential, I’m quite sad to say that we even have to resort to it.

More importantly, do you think there is any future in mobile video security?

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  1. Hey Sam, nice find. Not sure about mobile video security fully catching on, but can def see a future in hooking up your mobile to security devices.

    Along similar lines but not really security, check out . Came across it on Lifehacker a couple of months ago. It lets you look through a number of road traffic cameras throughout London via your mobile (about 100 cameras i think). The pictures upate every couple of mins. Awesome stuff, but it's something i rarely use. Guess it would be handy if you're trying to decide whether it would be quicker to take the tube or a taxi…….see no reason why it wouldn't wok on the iPhone.

  2. Thanks Neil!

    I don't know, security is something we're becoming more conscious of, and it's definitely becoming a bigger part of our lives. We'll see though. It'll either flop, or it'll do well.

    Thanks for the other link too! It's probably more useful for commutors as you said. I'll test it out once I can get it to work!



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