25% of mobile features undiscovered say WDSGlobal

I’m not surprised. I reckon it’s a much higher percentage myself.

WDSGlobal, the chaps who help our operators and handset manufacturers with readiness and validation testing, device management and end-user support, have done a study.

Let’s have a look at the WDSGlobal release text in more detail:

A survey of 500 mobile users revealed that only 20% of a phone’s services and features are used regularly and up to a quarter remain completely undiscovered.

“For the most part, users struggled to list more than half a dozen services featured on their current mobile phone. Regular usage was largely confined to voice, text messaging, address book, camera and alarm clock. Users do dip into additional services, such as the music player, Internet and games, but we found that a large proportion of features remained completely undiscovered,” says Doug Overton, vice president of consulting and analysis at WDSGlobal.

Service discovery, the company suggests, is now one of the most challenging barriers to mobile service adoption.

The solution? WDSGlobal humbly suggests that their vDevice handset feature tours might be useful.

I happen to agree.

In fact I think this should be the absolute BARE minimum that operators offer their customers.

The WDSGobal vDevice handset simulators are — well, it does what it says on the tin. They’re complete virtual simulators.

Their site proclaims:

We want you to experience vDevice for yourself. That’s why we’re offering free access to a selection of different handset simulators, featuring a range of virtual tours, tips ‘n tricks and tutorials.

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