I think there’s a market for the Peek

Quite a few folk across the web are talking about The Peek. It’s an email-only device — think Blackberry but without any features (e.g. phone, browser).

It’s America-only at the moment and is being sold in Target supermarkets from today for $100 and a fixed service fee of $20 a month. Here’s what it looks like:

Picture 6

If you simply want mobile email… and JUST mobile email then the Peek looks like a good idea. The experience, according to Eric over at The Oregonian isn’t entirely brilliant. He had a few surmountable challenges getting it to work.

I do like the concept though. I like the idea of normobs being able to buy mobile email simply and easily.

(I’d like it even more if there wasn’t a monthly fee — I’m thinking something like the PocketSurfer2, for example.)

As Eric points out in his piece, the Peek is definitely not aimed at business people. ‘Soccer moms’ are the target suggestion — or teenagers. Although I reckon teenagers would much rather have a smartphone of sorts.

Although I haven’t had hands-on with the device, I can imagine getting one for my mother. What d’ya think?

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