S60 Application Review: FlipSilent

It’s time for a new feature here at Mobile Industry Review I am going to be reviewing S60 applications on a weekly basis. If you want to share an application with the readers or if you are a developer and you want to give your application some coverage then drop me a line ( Quick bit of background information about me if you don’t already know, 20 years old living and studying at university in Manchester (so no flower arranging applications please ;)). I have an n95 Classic on T-Mobile UK with Web and Walk.

The first application I have chosen to review is FlipSilent.

FlipSilent is available from here.

FlipSilent is a simple application that utilises the accelerometer in your phone, and as a result lets you silence your ringing phone or alarm by simple turning your phone over. When you then turn the phone back over it can automatically return to your previous profile or you can specify which profile to use. Although the application is small and simple it is fully customisable.

Options include the ability to specify whether you want to use the application just for calls or the alarm or both. When using FlipSilent for calls you have the option of simply muting the ringer when you turn the phone over or actually hanging up the call (or divert to voicemail). When using the application for the alarm again you have two choices, you can either activate the snooze function when you turn over your phone over or to stop the alarm completely. Finally you have the option to auto start the application or not and the ability to hide it from view as well.

Check out some screenshots below and a clip of how it all works.

YouTube Link: FlipSilent

My thoughts are this is a great little application that I use all the time once I installed and set it up and put it on auto start I simply don’t give it another thought. It is very handy when your phone rings at those times when you are in a meeting or just on the side and you don’t want to answer the call. The geek inside me absolutely loves the fact that the accelerometer is used for something very useful, in particular I use the snooze function on a daily basis (something I am sure we are all guilty of). I also showed the application to my normob mates, who loved it they had no idea such applications were available for the n95. Overall FlipSilent receives a massive thumbs up from me, give it a go and post your thoughts on how you get on below.

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Looks like a nice program to have, although i can see some flaws.

If your a phone fiddler will you not just keep switching it on and off silent? and what about when you are walking? any issues where you have missed calls due to this?


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