Text to screen in Churches; Roaming to heaven expensive or free to all believers?

Earlier in the decade, I spent the best part of a couple of years really getting wound up by my shoes sticking to the floor in nightclubs all across the UK with our text-to-screen service.

Perhaps I was missing my calling.

I picked up this note from the Atlanta Journal about how text is being used to help connect church-goers and their minister/priest (and each other). Have a read:

High above the 700-seat sanctuary, Amie Haskins, 27, the director of worship, sat in the church’s control booth receiving their text messages on the church’s cell phone. She screened out some (most were about whether pets would be in heaven — a point she knew Schreiner would be addressing later in the sermon), and typed others into a computer that was connected to Schreiner’s laptop next to him. During Schreiner’s 30-minute sermon, Haskins received 35 questions.

Trust American Churches to have a ‘Director of Worship’. That, I find slightly amusing.

Anyway I really like the use of the medium.

By Ewan

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