The problem with the website

Orange UK was once the mobile operator equivalent of that omni-cool, good looking girl at the back of the class. They’ve since lost their way a little bit.

Here’s a good indication why. I’ve just got confirmation through about their new range of laptops.

Yes, every UK operator is jumping on the we-do-laptops-too bandwaggon and Orange are one of those lagging behind. They’ve finally vomitted out a range — good news. I have the details. I was just hunting for some pictures.

I hit the site … and…

Can you see any laptops for sale?

Can you see any pictures of phones, for that matter?

This is the *frontpage* of

Surely they’d have at least ONE picture of a Nokia or something? To draw you in, get you to click?

Let’s assume, for a moment, I’m on the hunt for one of these new laptops I’ve heard about.

Where do I click?

On the left, I’ve got the little menu:

No mention of laptops.

Ok, so let’s scan right…

No mention of laptops again.

Ok. Now it’s time for pot luck.


I’ll just click, shall I?

Let’s go for ‘pay monthly’.

I actually second guessed myself. I actually thought, ‘shit maybe the laptops don’t come out today’ and I went back to look at the press release text:

Orange today launches its new mobile broadband and laptop offer targeted specifically at the business market. Small and medium business customers can now sign up to a new Orange Business Everywhere mobile broadband package and come away with a laptop as well.


No mention of laptops. Let’s look down the expanded shop menu:


Maybe I should click in the ‘business shop’?


Oh look!


Now we’re talking.

I clicked on that banner.


Here we go:

No prices.

No indications.

Nothing to draw the eye to purchase yet.

Except the OUT OF STOCK label at the bottom is rather off-putting.

Ah dear.

Since the Orange website does such a shit job of it, I’ll post the details from the release shortly.

And if you want the direct link to look at the laptop page, it’s here.

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