The problem with the website

Orange UK was once the mobile operator equivalent of that omni-cool, good looking girl at the back of the class. They’ve since lost their way a little bit.

Here’s a good indication why. I’ve just got confirmation through about their new range of laptops.

Yes, every UK operator is jumping on the we-do-laptops-too bandwaggon and Orange are one of those lagging behind. They’ve finally vomitted out a range — good news. I have the details. I was just hunting for some pictures.

I hit the site … and…

Can you see any laptops for sale?

Can you see any pictures of phones, for that matter?

This is the *frontpage* of

Surely they’d have at least ONE picture of a Nokia or something? To draw you in, get you to click?

Let’s assume, for a moment, I’m on the hunt for one of these new laptops I’ve heard about.

Where do I click?

On the left, I’ve got the little menu:

No mention of laptops.

Ok, so let’s scan right…

No mention of laptops again.

Ok. Now it’s time for pot luck.


I’ll just click, shall I?

Let’s go for ‘pay monthly’.

I actually second guessed myself. I actually thought, ‘shit maybe the laptops don’t come out today’ and I went back to look at the press release text:

Orange today launches its new mobile broadband and laptop offer targeted specifically at the business market. Small and medium business customers can now sign up to a new Orange Business Everywhere mobile broadband package and come away with a laptop as well.


No mention of laptops. Let’s look down the expanded shop menu:


Maybe I should click in the ‘business shop’?


Oh look!


Now we’re talking.

I clicked on that banner.


Here we go:

No prices.

No indications.

Nothing to draw the eye to purchase yet.

Except the OUT OF STOCK label at the bottom is rather off-putting.

Ah dear.

Since the Orange website does such a shit job of it, I’ll post the details from the release shortly.

And if you want the direct link to look at the laptop page, it’s here.

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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