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Vodafone announce Pre-Pay Deal!

Vodafone have announced their first pre-pay deal in over two years. Luckily for us pre-pay consumers out there, it sounds like a bloody good offer too.

For just ten pounds per month, users will be entitled to unlimited free evening and weekend texts. Obviously this will be in-accordance to a Fair Use Policy of some nature, but brilliant nonetheless.

Still not happy?
Well topping up thirty pounds a month entitles you to unlimited free texts anytime!

I’ve never taken Vodafone into consideration for anything really, but I have to say, I’m rethinking my plans to join Virgin Mobile. I’m not an avid text’er, but for ten pounds, I can’t go wrong can I?

In addition to this, new and existing Voda-customers will see the peak call price drop ten pence, to 20p.

That’s what I like to hear!

I have to say, in recent weeks all I’ve been reading about Vodafone is good (other than some price changes which weren’t that brilliant), but even so… They definitely seem like the people to go to for customer service, and reliability.

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about time vodafone did something like this although £30 to get free texts….. do you keep the credit or does it come off to pay for those texts

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