We’re getting our hands on Android next week

Ah hah!

I just had a note in from Oliver regarding the T-Mobile event we’re filming at next week. There’s going to be Android units galore to check out. I’m looking forward to that — and I’m looking forward to seeing what the MIR Show team, Dan Lane, Ben Smith and James Whatley, make of it.

By Ewan

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I was sat opposite a young lady on a train yesterday and couldn't help noticing the google carrier bag next to her. My eyes were then drawn to the T-Mobile lanyard she was wearing. The smile on my face was hard to conceal as she reached inside the aforementioned bag and pulled out a shiny new all black G1! I managed to sit still for about 5 seconds before leaning over and asking a barrage of questions. It turns out she was a crackberry addict so wasn't to keen on the g1, lucky for me she was more than happy to let me have a play! It's bigger than I thought but feels smaller, if that makes sense! The screen is very slick, the unit feels well built (as we have come to expect from htc) and the slide is smooth. I also like the addition of the trackball, makes for a very intuitive device interface. The rep did have one negative though, it seems bluetooth can only be used in the headset profile, no file transfer or modem connection (unless she simply didn't know how to use it). Didn't get a chance to try out the web browser though, she didn't have a sim in this unit. Overall I was very impressed, just a shame I abandoned T-Mobile last year in favour of 3UK otherwise I would be very tempted to upgrade to one.

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