WiMax discourse from Mr Operator coming shortly

We’ve a huge, huge piece on WiMax coming from Mr Operator. Suffice to say, he is not impressed.

Some highlights I plucked from his piece this morning:

  • “Over at Intel, someone else (possibly at the same long lunch) piped up and said “Great idea guys, here’s several Billion dollars, hop to it”. And lo, the WiMax hype machine was born.”
  • “But there’s a rather pesky technical fly in the WiMax salesman’s snakeoil.”
  • “Moving on to the myth that WiMax provides better ‘coverage’ than 3G systems.”
  • “And at currently allocated frequencies, you’ll be building 3-4 times the number of sites.”

We’re aiming to publish on Tuesday.

There’s gonna be fireworks.

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