3 Branded USB modem router now on sale!

We had this in from Mobile Industry Review reader Trevor.

Just noticed that a 3 branded usb modem router is now for sale on their website:

then click on Wireless routers, £69.99 without a contract – very tempted indeed.

Just look at how small they must be – the Ethernet port looks MASSIVE on the side of the tiny router.

The thought of a portable wireless hotspot anywhere, (especially at Dad’s house, where the 3 coverage is good upstairs, but non existent downstairs – Router upstairs, whole house now covered!) makes this a MUST BUY for me.

More info here

Happy days,


Thanks for the tip Trevor!

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Many thanks for publishing the story.

Since sending this over – I've stumbled across this killer fact about the router.

It has a BATTERY inside it : (950mAh LiP)!!!!

This rechargeable battery means that you could set up a wireless hotspot anywhere without power, think of the uses?

3UK are getting so much right at the moment – kudos to them on so many levels.

Exciting times!


Would be interested to understand how the 'only with a 3 dongle' bit works.

I mean, at £69 is it subsidised? Probably not. They've been pretty up-front about 'only with 3', but what if you are legitimately out of your 3 dongle contract? Can you get dongles unlocked? Or have we entered an age of true throw-away mobile broadband stuff?

Contract's up? Moved to poor coverage? just bin or eBay it.

And is the 'up to 4 people' a hardware lock on the number of WiFi connections simultaneously? As I sit in my lounge I can count 7 WiFi devices. So is this not for me?


It's been on the site for a few days, I ordered one on Friday – half price & should be here Friday.

It's probably hard coded to only use the three APN? Although it might be possible to flash it with unbeanded firmware, when available. There's a bit of info on the three site about configuring etc…

When you go through the 3 checkout you get the following:

If you are already with 3..
* Get 50% off Mobile Broadband plans (except laptops)
* Get 50% off Wireless Router, when you have a Mobile Broadband contract
* Get 2000 3 to 3 minutes if you buy a second mobile

If you order a dongle under the existing customer offer with a router, it's half price. So it must be possible to order one on it's own or get it from a store?

Just had a look and very impressed. Not too sure though about the ‘take the modem with you when you go out’ – leaves the house (and anyone left behind) offline.

Now, will someone PLEASE get a MBB modem working with a Sky+/HD box. There’s a USB port on the back and as far as I’m concerned, the ONLY reason that I still MUST have BT’s copper coming through my wall is the BSB ‘phone line’ connection requirement.

I could of course ignore this, but I’d miss out on all those great Sky+/HD firmware updates that stop my box from freezing on a regular basis 😉

I spoke to “Anurag” through the website and was flat out told that it wasn't possible for existing mobile broadband customers.

I then found where you saw that offer, so I spoke again on the website, this time to “Vivian”. Here's what she said:

[Vivian] I just checked it out and the line is a bit confusing , I mean when it says “Get 50% off Wireless Router, when you have a Mobile Broadband contract”. it means that ” when you take a new modem you are now a customer with 3 and that you can get the router at a discounted price”

I countered that the heading clearly states that the offers are for existing 3 customers and that the bullet point equally clearly states that the offer includes Mobile Broadband customers.

She gave up at this stage and said there was nothing she could do, and to call their direct sales team on 0800 358 9571.

I've finished my lunch break now, I'll give it a shot when I find a chance.

Aha! It REALLY does have a battery! That spanks the T-Mobile think (which is styled to look like a plastic cow turd)! The only problem is that at present they would appear not to have any stock in shops nor are they offering discount for people who recently took out a '3' data plan (like me)!


Network and Connection
WLAN: IEEE 802.11b/g

UMTS Signal Indication
DC connector and external DC power supply

Chipset: BCM5354
Connector for external USB device
Up to 32 users connected through WiFi

Networks :GPRS 900/1800/1900/UMTS 2100

950mAh (LiP) BST-38
Power indication

Dimensions: 110 x 90 x 27 mm
Weight: 200g

Compatible with Any 3 USB Modem

What's in the box
D100 Router
Ethernet cable
UK Mains Adaptor
User guide

Sky updates come via the satellite, not over the phone line. The only reason to hook it up is for Sky Box Office or if you have multiroom.

Just got around to phoning Three Sales on 0800 358 9149 where my query was dealt with by a very resolute Scot by the name of Chris Wilson (not that I have any problems with talking with Sanjay in India – but it is just quicker to deal with a Glaswegian Jock).

There is no deal that allows existing users to purchase just the D100 wireless router – but as an existing H3G customer it IS possible to take out a new data plan (either 1GB/month for GBP5 or 3 GB/mth for GBP 7.50) – and you can then purchase the D100 at half price (GBP 34.99).

So – forty quid up from then 17 months at a fiver a month – total expenditure for contract = 120 quid – not bad!

That's disappointing I took out a new BB contract last week on the understanding that as long as I had a mobile and a BB subscription with them I'd get it at the discounted rate… 🙁

James, do let us know how you get on. I'd swap and drop my DSL line (There's £30 back in my pocket every month ;-)), but only if BBC iPlayer will still work. Over HSDPA I'm not too sure….

(if not, roll on HSPA+!)


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