Jon Fisher, one of the original Blyk Club, quits for Vectone Mobile

Jon Fisher, one of the original founding directors of Blyk UK (the others being David Wilkinson, Geoff Morely and Jonathan MacDonald), has quit and is taking up a position at Vectone Mobile.

Vectone are big in MVNO — international calling or ‘ethnic’, to be precise. They’ve got operations across Scandanavia, Holland, UK (“Chilli Talk“) and Austria — with Spain launching shortly. And they’ve got an £18 million pot for Jon to play with. Jon’s bag is marketing. He is taking his learning from Blyk to, “build a marketing services organization that will ensure that the Vectone Group continues to go from strength to strength in both the Ethnic MVNO segment and with new MVNO products.”

I had a quick chat to Jon’s colleague Jonathan MacDonald (formerly Sales Director at Blyk UK) this afternoon to ask him more about Mr Fisher.

“Is he a good guy, this Mr Fisher?” I ask. I’ve only met him once, from memory.

“Ah, he’s a great guy,” Jonathan tells me, “It was an honour to work with him.”

“What about the brain drain from Blyk then?” I ask.

Jonathan takes a deep breath, pauses for a moment, before explaining, “It’s no surprise that some of the original team are now popping up in different companies.”

I find myself nodding.

Jonathan continues, “The expertise gained in the original version of Blyk is something which can undoubtedly be of value in other companies. Let’s hope that we can execute there as well as we executed before!”

Here, here.

Good luck to Jon Fisher and the Vectone Mobile team.

By Ewan

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