Manchester Airport launches text feedback

I had a note in from Jaun Mouton of Touchwork — the people who boosted feedback at Cape Town airport by 3000% with text messaging.

I’m pleased to report that they’re doing similar at Manchester Airport. The key reason for doing so is to measure customer experience at international arrivals.

And let’s be clear, this stuff is shit hot. You see we don’t give feedback. Americans are good at it. But Brits in particular… Brits just put up with it and get on with their day.

Meanwhile the management of the service — in this case, Manchester Airport — are often oblivious of annoying niggly issues.

Not any more. Touchwork graph results in real time for management — and, what’s more, duty managers get immediate text messages to their handsets outlining problems, so that service recovery can be instant.

Love it.

Bring it on. I’ll hopefully have some stats from Touchwork at the end of this campaign.

By Ewan

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