Mobile World Congress: Did the mainstream media notice?

I resolved this year to make sure...

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When I upgraded to Revolut's Ultra offering,...

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This week I have been using Revolut's...

Mobile Industry Review Show – Awards Special

It’s time for the Mobile Industry Review 2008 Awards (formerly known as the SMS Text News Awards — before we changed our name).

It took us a long time. Months, in fact. Regular meetings, arguments, distractions, testing, pondering… but it’s here.

Yesterday the MIR Show team headed down to a swanky hotel in London to film the results… only to be rather impressed with the beautiful summer day. So we took to the Gardens at Temple, overlooking the Thames and delivered the results in glorious sunshine. (It’s rare to get a day like this in London — especially in October. It’s normally soggy rain, rain followed by rain.)

There’s a few contentious results. Even during filming, there were still discussions and rumenations. However I’m pleased to publish them.

We’ll have a full list up online shortly including links to all the nominees and winners.

(winners are indicated in red)

Best Marketing Campaign ( 01:33 )
Strongbow (Flirtomatic)
CityAM & Mippin

Best Mobile Instant Messenger ( 02:19 )
Agile Messenger
Goggle Talk on Blackberry

Best Mobile Related Corporate Social Responsibility Story ( 03:04 )
Orange Rock Corps
Nokia for environmental friendly mobile charges
Stand By What You Say – Spinvox

Best Public Relations Campaign ( 04:33 )
LG Blog

Best Gadget ( 05:21 )
Loc8r (from glasto): GPS thing
Proporta mobile charger
Flip camera

Mobile Industry Hero ( 06:29 )
Steve Jobs of Apple
Google Founders
Jyri Armstrong
Jay Fenton

Mobile Industry Villain ( 07:43 )
The phrase ‘unlimited’
Vodafone porting
Carphone Warehouse (for iPhone 3G launch)

Best Mobile Blogger ( 09:20 )
All About Symbian (AAS)
S60 Nokia Blog
Boy Genius
Stephen Fry
The Outsider

Most Innovative UK Operator ( 10:20 )
3 UK

Best Mobile Application ( 11:23 )
Google Maps
Handy Taskman

Best Mobile Handset ( 12:37 )
iPhone 3G
Nokia N95 8GB
Blackberry Pearl
Nokia N71
Nokia N82

Best Use of SMS ( 14:22 )
Virgin Vie
Clickatell FNB

Best Public Use of Mobile ( 15:25 )
Mediaburst SOS Response
Vodafone and UN
Orange RockCore

Best Value Product ( 16:58 )
Google Maps
3 PAYG Broadband
Spinvox Memo (it’s FREE)
Mippin – it’s FREE

Best Use of Mobile ( 18:00 )
Lastminute Fonefood
Halifax Brooding Society

Best Mobile Service ( 19:08 )
Text answer services combined with Textperts and AQA

Best Mobile Industry Review Reader ( 20:32 )
Kip Hakes
Terence Eden
Dan’s Stalker


  1. Damn….Must_Beat_Terence_Next_Time…… you James, Dan – nice work, Ben – keep them facts a comin' chap, Steady[cam] Hand Ewan – what can I say….

    n.b. very, very nearly plastered my MBP with pasta when Dan gave his considered opinion on 'Unlimited'. Seriously Dan, don't muck around – tell us what you feel. We're all up for open discussion. We can take the hard news.


  2. Thanks guys – really humbled… Thanks for creating such a wonderful site with really engaging content.

    Gotta go train, now. Looks like I have a title to defend next year.

    Cheque's in the post 😉

  3. Dan, we're all very glad he didn't!

    Although as Kip said, I'm sure there were a few monitors wearing an extra layer of tea today. Mine very nearly was!

  4. A choice selection of Ben's 'can't speak because someone is pointing a camera at me' moments again this week. Watch out next week for a free folder to store this 28-part series.

  5. Thanks for the pleasant surprise! we didn';t even know we were a nominee—we missed the chance to have a 30 min thank you speech. so thank you mum!

    Stay tuned and we have lots more news coming over the next few months.


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