Nokia Comes With Music is probably quite good

To all 250,000 readers, if you’d like to check out Comes With Music, Nokia’s latest wannabe attempt to make music work for normobs accustomed to absolute rubbish Nokia user interfaces, then check out some other sites. All About Symbian might be a good start.

A Google for Comes With Music should work, also.

As always, we heard about it all after the event. Goodness knows what they’re up to at Nokia Towers. We would have brought you an entire TV show dedicated to Comes With Music had we known about it all.

But don’t fear! Don’t fret!

Oh no. Here’s the email that arrived this afternoon from Nokia:

Dear Ewan,

Please see the link below to view the multimedia news release that contains B-roll material and sound bites in broadcast quality from the NOKIA REMIX event that took place in London yesterday.

For viewing the on demand web cast, visit

Should you have any questions or comments, please send feedback to Danielle Ross.

So if you’d like to watch some B-Roll of the event — that’s your link up there.

We will, whenever we can be bothered, bring you some Nokia related content.

Although, actually, I don’t think we will, come to think of it. What is the point?

Comes With Music. It’s ok. It’s certainly not brilliant. It doesn’t match the iTunes experience one jot. Is it mass market? Yeah. Your normob will soldier on and wrap their head around the rather involved UI. Your average 16 year old will put up with it. Just like they do with their current Nokias. And it’ll work. And it’ll position Nokia nicely with music.


So, if you’re up for a bit of B-Roll — that’s the link up there.

Otherwise, well.. I’ve a note from Carphone Warehouse telling me the Nokia Comes With Music handset will be retailing for just under 130 quid shortly. I’m not be disposed to Carphone Warehouse either after experiencing their not-Lifeline Insurance service. But I was thinking of going and buying a handset so I can check out Comes With Music.

It’s the right thing to do.

I just don’t feel up for shedding out the cash to both Nokia and Carphone Warehouse today.

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