Saturday is Vodafone Dell Netbook Day!

That’s what one of my sources from Vodafone reckons. Apparently you’ll be able to walk down to your local Vodafone store tomorrow and pick up a Netbook laptop for free (on a 24 month contract, 25 pounds a month).

A word of caution however — the Vodafone site reckons that the Netbook launches ‘online’ from the 13th of October (in 10 days time). You can pre-order now.

So perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, you might be able to pick one up, in person, tomorrow.

And I tell you I am sorely tempted.

600 pounds though. That’s what you’re committing to pay out, minimum — 25 pounds x 24 months. And that’ll give you 1GB of data per month. Stump up an extra fiver a month and you can have 3GB a month.

I’m going to go and look at one and see how I feel about it then.

If it’s SMALL and LIGHT, then I think I might do it.

I really like the fact my Apple Air fits into almost any folder or small bag. So the Netbook would need to do the same.

Windows XP though. At least it’s not as bloated and annoying as Vista. In fact let’s have a look at the specs:

8.9inch LCD screen
1.6GHZ Intel® Atom Processor
Microsoft® Windows® XP Operating System with Microsoft® Works
1GB Ram
8GB SSD hard drive (+ built-in card reader allowing memory expansion)
Weighs less than 1KG
Integrated Bluetoothâ„¢
Just 9.1inches X 6.7 inches
Wi-Fi enabled
Integrated Webcam

8GB solid state?


Only 1 gig of ram?


But it’s small. Can I type on it? Will it annoy me within 10 seconds of walking out the store?

Oh I don’t know…

By Ewan

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