Sony Ericsson announces SDK Beta for Windows Mobile

It’s no little secret that both the Apple iPhone and Android phones have done exceptionally well in the markets. Their sales figures not only mean good business for their manufacturers, but they’ve been a boon for countless developers out there, whose apps can now reach to even more people through their respective application stores. We’ve already heard about the developer who made $250,000 in just 2 months of releasing his application for the iPhone.

However, if you’re a developer and if neither the iPhone OS nor the Android OS are your grounds, you need not worry. Sony Ericsson might just be the someone you were waiting for. After the much awaited launch of its XPERIA X1 handset, Sony Ericsson has now released a new Windows Mobile SDK version to the public. 

MobileCrunch has a list of the key features of the new SDK:

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 – with predefined templates for greatest ease of use
  • Windows Vista OS support (adding to its support for Windows XP)
  • Built-in true Xperia X1 phone device emulator – allowing developers to run, test and debug panels locally on a desktop without phone hardware
  • Key mapping support in the device emulator
Is Sony Ericsson trying to gather some loyal followers here?

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