Trutap rolling out new IM services tonight – inc. Facebook Chat

250,000 Trutap users are, this evening, finding that they can now use a heckuvalot more instant messenger services than they could yesterday to connect with each other. Given that Trutap has a massive amount users in developing countries who love the ultra cost efficient communications medium of IM on mobile, this is set to be a very welcome addition.

I know that quite a few Mobile Industry Review readers will be pleased to see that Trutap now have support for Google Talk too. Let me hand over to their CTO, Carl, for an update:

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Great catching up last week @ the Smartphone show, as promised, more Trutap news for you tonight…

The team here in Kings X have just rolled out a load more IM clients across Trutap (as promised in my last post on the site from the Hornet Content news). From today our global users, over 250K since launch 11 months ago, can now enjoy Facebook Chat, Google Talk (yeah, took us a while), Rediff Bol (big in India) and Jabber services, all alongside the existing MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and ICQ messenger services.

We’re not just finishing there though. In the next few weeks we’ll be adding even more IM clients, including MySpace, Gadu-Gadu, LiveJournal IM, Bonjour, Groupwise, IRC, XMPP, Sametime and Zephyr. So in all, Trutap users will have the choice of about 17 IM clients, I think that’s fair to say, more than any other mobile application in the world! I also have some others planned after that…

Why? you might ask… We know that our users have their preferred IM clients and from research they don’t want to keep opening multiple apps one at a time, we bring all of them easily in one place. One of the best parts about the new IM clients is the fact that they’re already available in the current application, so users won’t need to upgrade the app to find their favourite IM.

Finally, Facebook haven’t released their chat client on the “people’s phones” yet, so I am expecting this to go down well with the main stream!

Speak soon, new client next…


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Carl, nice one — we’re actually about to put up the vid we took of you last week at the Symbian Smartphone show. This is super news — you’re creating a truly valuable service there. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new Trutap client!

By the way, we recently added Carl to the Who’s Who in Mobile list. Check out his entry here.

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As one who'd moaned about the lack of GTalk connectivity, I've got to say this is excellent news!
Well done to Carl and the team.
I'll have another look at Trutap this weekend.

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