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All I Want For Christmas…

In an ideal world, I would ask for happiness, and the end of this dismal time of year. But of course I’m not here to discuss that! No, no, no… What do I want from the world of Mobile this Christmas?

Firstly, I call for originality.

I personally think originality should be the first aspect of any design; and one would imagine that being original with design would be high if not on top of the list of things to do when making a new product… But I don’t see it a lot.

Most mobile phones are pretty much the same thing with a slight difference, and upgraded something-or-another; and it doesn’t hold interest. I don’t need a mobile that is only slightly different from the one I own now, so please, don’t try and sell it to me!

I’m not one full of ideas (and I will never claim to be), however, there are thousands of younger people in the UK, and millions around the world who I’m sure have at least a single idea on how to improve mobile phones, and come up with an original idea.

It is due to that, that I find no excuse for what many manufacturers are doing now; and when I look in the Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U or any other mobile-phone shop, and I see the same design specifications and in some cases even just the same physical design, I’m annoyed!

Secondly, a good deal!

Now this is where you get the “student” side to me; the side where I source out the cheapest possible deal. Going back to my first point, do something original at the same time (if you can), like Nokia and their “Comes With Music” – I said it when it came out, and I’ll say it now – BRILLIANT! That’s the kind of thing I love to see.

When I walk around the shops, complaining of the cold, wishing I had a Hot Chocolate, or even that Christmas would end, I want to be tempted to fall back in love with Christmas again. Give me something I can get excited about; a price that is so outrageously competitive that I will part with my cash there and then.

The Mobile networks? Well, couldn’t you give me a Christmas present too? How about a nice reward of getting say half of whatever I top up in the month of December free? (So I top up £10, and I actually get £15?)

And finally…

And this goes to pay-as-you-go more than anything else; bring me some good news about tariffs!

I’ve noticed more than ever my addiction to Facebook, and I’ll admit I spend far too much of my time thinking about Facebook and being on it. It’s edging on the slightly crazy spectrum, but I’ll survive.

The point is though; I can’t feed my addiction well enough. I want to browse on my mobile for a reasonable price, and at the same time I don’t want to be on a contract.
I know some networks (Orange are all of who I can think of right now), offer little bundle systems for browsing, which is a step in the right direction; but I want this on all networks; so that no matter who I am with, I can browse away on my mobile endlessly updating my status, and poking people. Or even check my e-mail; for a good price!

I know it’s too early to be discussing Christmas, but with any luck someone might take notice before the Christmas Eve rush, and this Christmas could be full of lots of mobile delights!

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