Batteries really aren’t good enough yet

There are a lot of things pushing me toward buying a piece of shit simple handset. I’m seriously considering buying a really simple S40 Nokia handset, or maybe a Sony Ericsson (if I can put up with the lack of decent contact and calendar synchronisation).

I want a phone that works when I need it to.

I want a phone that people can hear me speak on, unless my signal strength is shot to shreds. If I have more than 2-3 bars out of 5, I expect the other person to hear me properly. The fact that most folk can’t hear me speaking on my vodafone Blackberry Bold is rather worrying.

But by far the biggest arse with being me is that I like to buy new stuff. Bleeding edge stuff. That runs down batteries like no tomorrow.

Case in point today at Future of Mobile. I left the house with the following devices fully charged:

– Vodafone Blackberry Bold
– T-Mobile Blackberry 8800
– T-Mobile UK G1
– T-Mobile N95 8GB (that doesn’t ‘do’ data)

By 8pm the Bold was screaming red. BATTERY LOW was constantly flashing up. It was so annoyed with me for using it, it decided to flash yellow every few seconds to remind me how shit the battery is. That’s not even a full sodding day’s usage.

Not to worry. I’ve got the G1 handy.

But that’s a world of pain. Despite NOT Using it at ALL today, I took it out at 830pm to find that it had 21% battery left.

To be clear: I have not used it. I have not DONE anything with it. Sitting idling with the odd email update has flocked the majority of the battery.


My 8800 Blackberry is on 95% power. So at least I still have a handset that I can use.

I think I need a rethink.

I either need to take a leaf out of the books of other MIR contributors such as James Whatley, Dan Lane and Ben Smith, and carry a Proporta or other such mobile charger around.

That really annoys me.

Or maybe I should faff about with multiple device batteries?

Hugely disappointing, given the cash I’m blowing on these devices.

Maybe I should chuck everything else and just use the Blackberry 8800?

[ Written using the rather limited keyboard on my Vodafone Netbook connected via Voda GPRS on the 2245 to Southend Victoria… so there might be quite a few stupid tpyos. ]

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