Carphone Warehouse has a Javelin thrown at it

In an exclusive deal with the Carphone Warehouse, RIM’s latest handset the BlackBerry Curve 8900 hits the stores on December 20th.

Yes, that’s right folks you read it here correctly ‘the latest handset’. Gone are the days of the Storm this, the Storm that – the Storm has officially passed.

Now it’s time to turn our much deserved attention to the up coming arrival of the Blackberry Curve 8900, formally known as the Javelin.

The other week be brought you the ground breaking news of its arrival in der fatherland. We can now officially confirm from a spokespersons at Carphone Warehouse that it’ll be in the shops just in time for Christmas. Ideal for those last minute shoppers, saving them a trip to the petrol station at midnight.

This new Curve is set to have all the abilities of the first, only building on the technology of the Bold by including its visual experience with its screen.

We’ve been told it’s a worthy follow-up to the original, with a smaller form factor than the first outing and with WIFI now onboard.

No tariffs or pricing as yet been made available, although we’ve been told it will be around from SIM free. Wahooo! .

Keep your eyes peeled on their website for more info at –

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