Embargoed until 9pm Pacific Time

These embargoes that you are expected to respect are sometimes annoying. PRs will send you through stuff — and now and again, it’ll be pretty good. Like the story I’ve been sent regarding MySpace.

The trouble is, as a ‘blogger’, I want to write about it now.

Right now.

I’m happy to schedule posts. In fact that’s generally what I’ll do.

But I get into all sorts of trouble when it comes to working out when 9pm Pacific is in *my time*.

I can’t remember. We’re 9 hours behind? Or is it 8? 8 hours. No, we’re 8 hours ahead, they’re behind.


So that means …

Yeah I’ve given up.

Which is nicht gut. Not good at all.

So I’ll wait, right? I’ll wait until, er, tomorrow.

In fact I’m not sure what 9.00pm PT is. Is that *today*? Or is that 9pm PT tomorrow? Because I actually received the email yesterday — but I was asleep.

It’s nice to be sent this kind of stuff. And we certainly respect embargoes here at Mobile Industry Review.

I suppose it’s incumbent on me to get-on-with-it and try and figure out these publishing times.

I’ll star this piece of news. I’ll go about my business. And by the time I get back to my inbox, I’ll have got another 500 new things and this will be on page 8 of my emails.

Trouble is, it’s always good to get stuff ahead-of-the-time so you can prepare.

The solution? I need to get myself one of those time zone wall chart things.

9pm Pacific, let’s try and work it out.

That’s 2100. And we’re 8 hours ahead. So actually, that’s not even today.

It’s tomorrow plus 8. 5am London. I think. Depending on daylight savings and all that jazz.

Which is a bit stupid because that’s 5am London time on Saturday.

Surely you don’t want your news going out on a Saturday?

Nope, scratch that. The release was sent to me on the 20th. So actually it’s embargoed until 5am *this morning*.


Right, so I can publish it then…

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