INQ interview tomorrow – have you got any questions for them?

I’m meeting two of the INQ Co-Founders tomorrow in Battersea. Apart from the fact that I’ll probably get a nosebleed having to go south of the River Thames, I am looking forward to it.

I’m meeting with Jeff Taylor who runs Marketing and Kevin Johnstone who is the product and UI genius.

I’ll be filming the interview — and in a departure from the norm, I’m even taking the tripod.

If you’ve got any questions you’d like to put to the INQ chaps, then now is the time. I’ll also get some close-up shots of the device itself.

Then I’m off to see ShoZu, I’m talking with the top chap from IMI Mobile, I’m doing some hardware review pieces and then the MIR Show guys should be popping by to discuss the all new Nokia E63. It’s a busy one!

And if you’d like to see the photos from today’s INQ launch — check out Rob’s piece.

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6 replies on “INQ interview tomorrow – have you got any questions for them?”

Hi Chaps,

My interest is two fold – what the future holds for inq, both hardware wise and o/s wise, (is / was Android on their radar, or just Brew) and the second is purely selfish – the browsing experience outside of facebook for normal web stuff, if you could capture this I would be very pleased indeed!
I’m also wondering how many types of inq devices they anticipate making over the next few years – they obviously feel there is a gap in the market for data driven handsets – what volumes are they hoping to shift?

Cheers for now lads,


The browsing experience is very similar to that of Opera Mini as it does the same trick of compressing pages at their end. No waiting ages, no badly formatted pages nor completely full pages that freeze your phone when it runs out of memory.

Although one of INQ's guys said he'd use both (Opera Mini was already installed on th handset he showed me).

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