MoMo London & Swedish Beers

Last night the MIR Show team headed to MoMo London and Swedish Beers as per my post yesterday.

It was a super honour to be asked to film a segment of the MIR Show on-stage during the event — thank you chiefly to Helen Keegan for suggesting the concept and inviting us — and thank you to the rest of the MoMo/Swedish Beers team for their patience and good grace.

I didn’t get to say anything 😉 I was too busy holding the camera. But after the main MoMo event, I was delighted to meet as many people as possible.

I was surprised to see Omar Hamoui, founder of AdMob, in the audience and as Swedish Beers got underway we got Omar on camera talking about the company and the way ahead. It’s really good stuff. Mark Curtis of Flirtomatic was chatting away with Andy from AdMob (whom I unfortunately didn’t manage to say hi to) but I managed to grab Mark and we got him on camera.

The blood-sugar level of the MIR Show team began to plummet around this point and James Whatley fell first — leaving to head off to another engagement. Then Ben and Dan had to head off — so I grabbed both the camera and the microphone and went hunting!

I got some really good footage of a ton of people — a veritable ton. If I filmed you, thank you very much indeed for taking the time — your starring role will be online shortly. If I didn’t manage to capture you on camera — and you’re public (i.e. able to discuss what you’re doing) — drop me a mail and let’s arrange to meet up soon?

I’m and I really like capturing good stuff on camera. A case in point — a few weeks ago, Andy from HulloMail (“Voicemail that’s yours to keep”) dropped me a note to ask if I’d be interested in doing a piece on his company. We hooked up on one of the MIR filming days (we tend to film most Friday afternoons at One Alfred Place in the West End) and bish, bash, bosh — we got HulloMail up and out to the world here. If you’d like the same, drop me a note.

(And if you’re a public relations professional representing an interesting mobile-related company, the same applies — drop me a note too!)

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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