Samsung Cleo launches in Canada

Just got this in…

We heard a while back that the Samsung Cleo was on its way, and and
now it’s arrived — well, if you’re lucky enough to live in Canada,
anyway. It’s not the only square flip phone on the planet, but it’s
definitely the most fashion-conscious. As far as we can tell, specs
are pretty much beside the point, but it’s got a QWERTY keyboard,
color LCD screen, 1.3-megapixel camera, MP3 playback, and expandable
memory up to 8GB (we’re guessing in microSD format). More importantly,
this attractive little devil (it’s just over 2.5-inches wide and
3-inches tall) comes in pink, blue, and (our personal favorite)
champagne. Though it’s been officially launched, the Cleo’s not for
sale quite yet, and there’s no word on price. We also don’t know when
or if it’ll strut its way to the US, but we’ve got our fingers
crossed. We really do.

Hmmm, I’ll have to see it in person I think. (But I like being thought of as sassy & stylish!)

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