Teamer uses text & email to organise sports teams

I’ve been waiting for one of these. For a long time I’ve met lots of different people who have been working on the concept of designing a system that will help sports team managers organise games and player availability.

I’ve never been a sports manager — in fact I haven’t actually ever played in a sports team during my adult life. But I know lots of folk who have — and I know one or two who are tasked with sorting it all out — and it’s a total arse.

Teamer sorts it all out. Stick in the names of all the possible players and Teamer will query their availability by text and email and help you send immediate announcements to teams. So even if you’re sat in New York on business on Monday morning, you can confirm your availability for Friday’s match.


It’s entirely free to use in the UK but there are some fees applicable for the US and Australia.

If you’re a sports team manager or you know someone that is, check out Teamer and let me know how you get on.

(Thanks for the link, Michael)

By Ewan

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