We’re at the new LG PRADA Phone launch!

Late today we’re at the launch of the new LG PRADA phone, set to be the next exclusive designer mobile from the joint partnership of those two industry players.

It’s their second handset from the venture, with the first arriving on the scene like a sex machine in mid 2007.

The new model almost mimics the first, and why mess with perfection which is why American Football should go back to its roots of Rugby.

Only this time around it has a slide out keyboard, with the thinness of a size zero model making it look almost like it freshly purged that morning ready for the catwalk.

It’s an often forgotten fact that the original Prada phone made a wee bit of history by being the first full touchscreen phone hitting the market, beating Apple and HTC by months. With more than 1 million sales beneath its designer belt, the successor is bound to be highly awaited with its expensive look.

This time around it’s capable of 3G with video calling, where the previous was only a Tri-band EDGE at its best. There’s also a 5 mega pixel camera lens by Schneider-Kreuznach onboard, the best the last phone could muster was just a poor 2MP at the time.

We’ve been informed the new Prada mobile will hit the stores at a starting price of 600 Euros, although we’ll confirm that later today.

Once again, if there’s anything you wish to ask LG or Prada but were too afraid to ask please fire them away in the comments below. We’ll endeavour to have them answered.

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