Yet another Sony Ericsson Walkman phone manifests

It appears not a week goes by these days without another Walkman mobile showing up, this time around they’ve released the W705 into the ether.
Oddly enough their own PR company charged with getting the message out didn’t even know about it. The first they heard about it was when yours truly called up asking ‘what’s this I hear about a new handset’?

So we’re glad we’re useful for something on MIR, if only to create more work for others.

Apparently coming on from their 2008 editions, this W705 builds on from their quality in moving the forward to the next years state-of-the-art mobile music experience.

We have a distinct basis for a theory which holds a lot of water; that the only reason this announcement was made today was to tie something in even if it’s ever so slightly tangible to tonight’s European MTV music awards.

Seeing as they’re a key sponsor and all. Oh yes, and the fact that the press release was littered with references to it as well – in a very non subtile way.

“Look at me, look at me! See what I’ve done. See what I’ve done. I’ve thrown valuable much needed capital into a money wasting excise, all in an effort to get the kids of today to buy my phones and not Apples”

Oh yes, and the phone comes out sometime in Q1 of 2009 just to backup our theory too.

The W705 comes along boasting same good sound quality as the W980 Walkman, which apparently was rated “best audio experience” by Germany’s TESTfactory.

It also has the same popular feature sets as the music recognition app TrackID and SensMe. The latter of which matches your moods, dark as it may be to the music and the Shake control ability changes the track with the flick of your hand.

The W705 has one of those exclusive metal finish for a professional feel, if you feel that sheet metal is professional looking.

As with most phones in their range of late it has a 2.4-inch screen and a reasonable 3.2MP camera, with an accompanying 4GB memory card.

Talk time over GSM comes it at around 10 hrs, with standby at 400 hrs. Music listening comes in at 20 hours, seeing as its pitched a music phone we darn well expect to be large.

Enjoy the music awards tonight whilst thinking wistfully in to the future about the W705 .

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